About Chaarms

About Us

Chaarms is the modern luxury shopping destination for the confident global fashion customer. The collection at Chaarms is tied to your life, rather than trends. It’s the gold hoops worn to see friends after long travels; the necklaces that bounce on your collar as you jump with joy. Precious stones catch the light from the candles flickering in your favourite restaurant; delicate bracelets become gifts they’ll keep forever.

As a destination, Chaarms e-commerce site offers jewellery from select designers and brands we admire. Chaarms’s core collection complements every item in the shop, so that you can cultivate a look with layers and levels — the perfect accompaniment for all occasions. With collaborations from women who inspire us, Chaarms offers an extensive line of essentials for style that lasts.

Chaarms accessories are both luxurious and practical, beautifully created and reasonably priced, so that each piece will become your own: Accessories made to be worn, shared, given, received, and above all, cherished. Chaarms was made for the love of fashion accessories and the love of how women wear it.


At Chaarms, Each collection carries a story inspired by the things we love and cherish, offering more than just an accessory. We try to ensure we capture these elements in the initial designs, right through to the finished product. Our attention to detail is our plus point. Whether you’re celebating at a festival, practicing yoga further ashore or simply retreating to your favourite coffee house, our collections are the perfect fit for every part. Crafted in 925 sterling silver and alloys our jewellery stands to last.

Chaarms. It’s simply a way of life.